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Eco Ideas

A few of our Eco-Unique & money saving thoughts for you next event


Event Gardening & Florals

  • Choose a venue with flowers already planted, plant the seasonal flowers you want at home, or have us design an event garden for you.
  • When planting at home, use decorative flower pots for easy transportation or use your yard to grow and cut them when the time is right.
  • Choose a florist who grows their own seasonal botanicals or choose florists who use rainforest alliance and locally harvested plants.  Contact us to find out who Manitoba’s eco-friendly florists are.


Save A Tree

  • Choose your stationary from recycled, seed, or tree free paper. You can even go paperless with e-vites & make an event website!


Go Local

  • From food to favors to drinks, choose locally owned, produced, organic, free range & fair trade products. This supports the local economy and saves emissions from shipping products in from all over the world.


Location, Location, Location!

  • Have your event all in one location, This will not only save on emissions but ensures all of your quests will be on time.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Rent items instead of purchasing them. Use compostable dishes, recycle your stationary, send your leftover food to a local soup kitchen (when suitable) & donate your flowers to a hospital or seniors home to brighten someone else’s day.


Do It For Charity

  • Collect donations instead of presentations or bar tips for your favourite charity.


Earth Friendly Fashion

  • Redesign your mother’s wedding dress into your own with a local designer or choose eco fabrics to have a custom dress made for you.
  • Recycle your Great Grandparents’ rings or cherished family jewelry from a local jeweler or choose jewelry that is conflict free & free from dirty gold.